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  • Dec 22, 2020
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How are houses in hill stations made warmer during winters?

Winters create a pleasant environment and bring quality family time at home. Staying indoors is the best thing to do during chilly winters. Keeping the house warm especially when your property is in the hilly area is important. For instance, most houses have heaters however; you need to have few backups in case of power … Continue reading "How are houses in hill stations made warmer during winters?"

Hill Stations In India

  • By : Admin
  • May 26, 2020
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List Of Popular Hill Stations In India

With the Himalayas, Vindyas, and Aravalis, India has a number of hill stations that are situated in the various parts of the country. British set up the Hill stations in India to get relief from the heat and humidity of the low-lying areas of the country. But now these hill stations convert into a vacation … Continue reading "List Of Popular Hill Stations In India"

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