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10 Beautifull Places To Visit During Monsoon In India

Lonavala's beauty is enhanced during the monsoon season by lush hills, mist-covered valleys, and many waterfalls pouring down steep slopes


Monsoon season in Goa provides lush greenery and colourful fauna, creating a unique appeal with fewer people, and allowing for a refreshing experience


The Andaman & Nicobar Islands' mild rainfall during the monsoon season highlights the area's stunning beaches and rainforests

Andaman And Nicobar Islands

Monsoons in Coorg transform the region into a lush green paradise, with coffee plantations flourishing and waterfalls in full flow, creating an attractive scene


Munnar is breathtaking during the monsoon season, with its misty tea gardens, tumbling waterfalls, and hills coated in a fresh green


The monsoon season offers a delightful coolness to Wayanad, making its dense woods, lakes, and waterfalls even more majestic and welcoming


Pondicherry's colonial alleys and calm beaches take on beauty during the monsoon season, with the rain-washed surroundings creating a peaceful atmosphere


Meghalaya, during the monsoon, lives up to its name as the abode of clouds, with its landscapes, dramatic skies, and waterfalls in their full glory


Known for its heavy rainfall, Cherrapunji's monsoon season highlights its spectacular waterfalls, lush green landscapes, and unique living root bridges


Alleppey's famous backwaters are rejuvenated by the monsoon, which brings lush green paddy fields and the soothing rhythm of rain, creating an attractive getaway


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