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10 Best Dehradun Tourist Places

Sahastradhara, also known as "The Thousandfold Spring," is a beautiful waterfall and famous tourist attraction in Dehradun


Robber's Cave is a popular Dehradun tourist spot. It is a stunning limestone cave well-known for its cold, running stream

Robber’s Cave

Set out on a rejuvenating journey to Tiger Falls, where gushing waterfalls and a calm atmosphere await. A famous Dehradun tourist place

Tiger Falls

Dehradun is home to the holy place of Tapovan. Situated approximately five kilometres from the city, it is situated on the banks of the Ganga River


The Mindrolling Monastery is a renowned Buddhist monastery in Dehradun that is well-known for its elaborate design and soothing surroundings

Mindrolling Monastery

Malsi Deer Park provides a beautiful setting for tourists to interact with nature amid greenery and is home to several kinds of deer

Malsi Deer Park

The temple's special feature is a naturally occurring shiva linga that is constantly submerged in water that drips from the cave's ceiling

Tapkeshawar Temple

With its colonial architecture and dedication to the study and preservation of forests, it is a well-known centre for forestry research and education

Forest Research Institute

It is a biodiverse sanctuary with stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife like elephants, tigers, and bird species

Rajaji National Park

Paltan Bazaar, a vibrant marketplace in Dehradun attracts locals and visitors with its dynamic atmosphere and diverse store selection

Paltan Bazaar

Plan your trip to Dehradun today and experience the beauty of this charming city for yourself!

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