10 Best Offbeat Places To Visit In India

Daman & Diu

Visit these twin islands to take in the calm beaches, historic Portuguese architecture, and distinctive fusion of cultures


This picturesque hill station offers beautiful Himalayan vistas, thick forests, and grassy meadows

Khimsar Village

In this desert village, explore the striking Khimsar Fort, sand dunes, and lively Rajasthani culture


See the greenest village in Asia, known for its live root bridges, lush flora, and eco-tourism


Discover dense forests, diverse wildlife, and thrilling activities like white-water rafting in this Karnataka haven


Perched above the Teesta River, this hill station offers colonial charm, vibrant monasteries, and Himalayan views


Assam’s only hill station, known for its landscapes, serene lakes, and tribal culture


A peaceful village in Uttarakhand with apple orchards, historic temples, and unspoiled scenery


Mini Switzerland of India, perfect for trekking with panoramic Himalayan views and rich biodiversity


A peaceful Himachal village surrounded by pine forests and apple orchards, ideal for a serene retreat

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