10 Best Places For One Day Trip From Bangalore

By Famous India


A serene reservoir offering water-based activities near Bangalore

Bannerghatta National Park

A nature reserve featuring a butterfly garden, zoo, and safari

Devanahalli Fort

A magnificent historical fort with beautiful surroundings and architecture

Savandurga Hill

One of Asia's largest monolith hills, popular for trekking and rock climbing

Nandi Hills

A picturesque hill station with breathtaking views and a pleasant climate


Known for its challenging trek and the enchanting sunrise view from the peak


Famous for its unique volcanic rock formations and cave exploration


Home to historic temples, including the Sita temple and rock-cut caves

Hogenakkal Falls

A stunning waterfall on the Kaveri River, known as the "Niagara of India


A scenic spot where the Kaveri River flows through a narrow gorge, offering a mesmerizing sight

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