Best Tourist Places  in Jabalpur

Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh


Dhuandhar Waterfall

It is a beautiful waterfall situated at Bhedaghat, is one of the top attractions of the city. It consists of travelers and local people who go for it during the Christmas season.


Marble Rocks

The stunning view on waterway Narmada streaming between huge white marble rocks looks like something straight out of a film.



Bhedaghat is a town well known for its washing ghat of sacred waterway Narmada, another significant feature is Bandar Kodini and goes in the middle of the marble rocks in a boat.


Lord Shiva Statue

The Lord Shiva statue at Kachnar City in Jabalpur is 76 feet tall and perhaps the tallest sculpture of ruler Shiva in sitting stance in India.


Bargi Dam

This is an ideal spot in Jabalpur for watching and water sports. You can appreciate speed drifting, paddle sailing, and water bikes.


Balancing Rock

This natural beauty is surprising.. It is said that Jabalpur’s balancing rock has even endure a quake of 6.5 extent.


Madan Mahal Fort

Madan Mahal Fort is an eleventh-century post that was before utilized as a lookout.


Chausat Yogini Temple

64 Yogini sanctuary is one of the four significant surviving sanctuaries made of coarse rock and the Lord Shiva statue is arranged in the complex.


Sangram Sagar Lake

It is a beautiful watching site, If you want to invest some calm energy in the midst of nature, visit here.


Dumna Nature Reserve Park

The beautiful nature reserve is situated on the edges of the city, close to the air terminal. It is a famous family visit objective.


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