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Himachal Pradesh

By Famous India

Dan Williams

We go behind the scene of his famous Soho restaurant, where Dan will show us what inspires him this season and how he plans his menu accordingly.


Madra, Himachal Pradesh food is a savoury curry prepared with yoghurt and aromatic spices, which embodies the richness of Himachali cuisine


Babru is a crispy, flavorful burst of pleasure that is a deep-fried bread loaded with lentils that will wow your taste buds

Kullu Trout Fish

The fish is pan-fried in mustard oil and lemon-onion sauce. This famous food of Himachal Pradesh is typically served with boiled vegetables and rice


Savor the hearty simplicity of Himachal Pradesh food - Siddu, a steamed wheat bun stuffed with a range of savory or sweet fillings


Discover the distinct flavours of Himachal Pradesh with Aktori, a peculiar buckwheat pancake that gives the cuisine of the area a unique flair


Lotus stems are sliced into slices and cooked with ginger, garlic, onion, gram flour, and a variety of spices to create the delectable dish

Chha Gosht

Enjoy the bold tastes of Chha Gosht, a tender lamb dish marinated in yoghurt that embodies the region's culinary traditions

Tibetan Thukpa

Tibetan Thukpa is a soothing noodle soup that showcases the cultural diversity and influences of Himachal Pradesh. It offers a blend of flavours

Aloo Palda

Relish the hearty flavour of Aloo Palda, a delectable potato curry that perfectly captures the healthy and cosy essence of Himachali home-cooked meals

Taste the essence of Himachal Pradesh through these 10 iconic dishes. Plan your food adventure now!