10 Famous Handicrafts Of India

By Famous India

The beauty of the sea is translated into beautiful and delicate masterpieces in Goa's seashell craft, which is a stunning blend of artistic expression and sustainable techniques

Seashell craft - Goa

Kondapalli toys are a distinct and traditional type of handcrafted wooden toy. The toys are crafted from Tella Poniki, a soft wood found in the surrounding Kondapalli Hills

Kondapalli Toys - Andhra Pradesh

Explore Assam's craftsmanship through Bamboo and Cane Handicrafts, where talented artisans convert natural materials into elegant, culturally rich masterpieces

Bamboo and Cane Handicraft – Assam

Skilled artisans use a special kind of metal to create beautiful and meaningful items that represent the culture of the region

Bell Metal Craft - Chhattisgarh

For generations, skilled artisans in Gujarat have converted ordinary beads into spectacular works of art, weaving stories about their rich heritage and expertise

Bead Craft - Gujarat

It is recognized for its elaborate hand-woven designs and patterns and is regarded as one of the world's most luxurious and elegant sarees

Banarasi Saree - Uttar Pradesh

Sikkim carpets are renowned for distinctive designs and superb craftsmanship, created through a knotting technique where each knot contributes to the unique patterns

Carpet Weaving - Sikkim

Kathakali masks are often made of light woods like jackfruit or balsa wood. After that, the masks are painted with a range of natural colours

Kathakali Masks - Kerala

Jadupatua painting is a captivating folk art known for its intricate designs, vibrant colours, and storytelling narratives—a true gem in Indian folk art

Jadupatua Painting - Jharkhand

Sarkanda grass, native to the region, is used in this versatile art to craft various items, ranging from delicate home decor to sturdy furniture

Sarkanda Craft - Haryana

Take a tour through India's rich history, where talented craftspeople infuse beautiful handicrafts with stories of customs.