10 Interesting Facts About Swarved Mahamandir

By Famous India

With approximately 20,000 seekers at a time, Swarved Mahamandir holds the title of being the biggest meditation centre in the world

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Swarved Mahamandir, which is situated in the holy city of Varanasi, provides a haven for meditation and spiritual discovery

The seven-story building with its exquisite carvings, teakwood accents, and one hundred and one calming fountains is part of the breathtaking architecture

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Started in 2004, the building of the temple required the combined efforts of 600 labourers and 15 engineers

The 3,137 words from the Swarveda, a holy spiritual book with the capacity to transform, are engraved on the walls of the Mahamandir

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The Mahamandir is dedicated to Sadguru Shri Sadafal Deoji Maharaj, an eternal yogi and the founder of Vihangam Yoga

The Mahamandir offers a pleasant and enlightening experience by skillfully fusing modern amenities with ancient Indian architecture

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A soothing garden with therapeutic herbs contributes to the peaceful ambiance and encourages overall wellbeing

Beyond religious barriers, Swarved Mahamandir welcomes seekers of spiritual enlightenment from all backgrounds and beliefs

A trip to Swarved Mahamandir is an invitation to go out on a life-changing voyage of self-discovery, instead of just sightseeing

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