10 Must Try Food In Thiruvananthapuram That You Should Not Miss While Visiting South India

By famous india

Dosa with Sambar

Enjoy a crispy dosa paired with a savoury sambar to experience the flavour of Thiruvananthapuram's famous food. This dish reflects the core of Keralan cuisine

Varutha Kozhi

It is a popular and delicious South Indian fried chicken dish that will tempt your taste buds as you discover the rich flavours of Trivandrum food


Idiyappam, a specific and delicate South Indian rice noodle dish, is among one of the Trivandrum special food

Kalumakaya Ullarithiyath

Satisfy your taste buds with Thiruvananthapuram's famous food, a flavorful and aromatic preparation of mussels that shows coastal culinary heritage

Prawn Curry

A seafood masterpiece with splendid flavours of Trivandrum food. Garlic, coconut milk, pepper, and jaggery are the main ingredients in the curry

Malabar Parotta

Enjoy the taste of Malabar Parotta, with its flaky and fluffy layers. It is one of the Trivandrum's special food


A delicious and wholesome dish with a beautiful blend of pumpkin, lentils, and coconut that offers a blast of flavours to enjoy this famous food in Trivandrum


A classic South Indian steamed rice cake Puttu, is a breakfast favourite and famous food in Trivandrum due to its unique flavour and texture


Appam, a light and fluffy rice pancake that's a favourite addition to breakfast or dinner tables and is a famous food in Trivandrum

Trivandrum Fish Curry

It is a local delicacy and is famous in every home of Trivandrum. The fish curry has a distinct flavour of coconut which you will remember for life time

Visit Thiruvananthapuram and enjoy these 10 food of South India. Plan your trip before hand so that you can book your stay in advance.