10 Places To Visit In Lucknow

The City Of Nawabs

BY Famous India

Bara Imambara

Bara Imambara is a UNESCO World Heritage Site renowned for its impressive architecture and a popular tourist place in Lucknow

Ambedkar Memorial Park

It is a popular tourist destination that educates visitors about B.R. Ambedkar's life and work, highlighting his significant contributions to India

Jama Masjid

Right in the middle of the city stands the stunning Jama Masjid mosque. It is a prominent landmark in Lucknow and one of India's biggest mosques

Rumi Darwaza

The Rumi Darwaza is a three-story red sandstone and white marble doorway. It has latticework and elaborate carvings as decorations


The Satkhanda, meaning "seven storeys," is an imposing watchtower. It was designated by Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah in 1837

Tomb of Saadat Ali Khan

It is a rectangular building composed of white marble and red sandstone. The tomb is reached through a sizable doorway and is encircled by a garden

British Residency

The British Residency stands as a colonial-era relic, echoing tales of resilience and serving as a living testament to a bygone era

Hazratganj Market

Hazratganj Market, Lucknow's renowned shopping and cultural hub, offers a unique blend of modern retail, traditional handicrafts

Indira Gandhi Planetarium

The Indira Gandhi Planetarium in Lucknow offers a cosmic journey through captivating shows, making it a must-visit for astronomy enthusiasts

Gomti Riverfront Park

Gomti Riverfront Park in Lucknow is a peaceful riverbank retreat ideal for nature lovers seeking peace amidst stunning vistas

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