10 Popular Shopping Markets in Mussoorie

By FamousIndia

Mall Road

The lively road is always filled with people going crazy over plenty of shopping options here. It is known to be a true shopper’s paradise.

Tibetan Market

This market has come to make a name for itself because of the high quality clothes you would find here and the option and varieties this place has will leave you in awe!

Classic Emporium

Classic Emporium is a 40 year old paradise for people who love artefacts and handicrafts. This one deserves special attention for its exquisite collection.

Himalayan Weavers

From pashmina shawls to silk scarves, you name it and they have it! Plus, they have 100% natural products.

Kulri Bazaar

This site is flooded with the prettiest handicrafts, silver trinkets and tons of other ornaments. All this, teamed up with the most mouth-watering foods.

Sisters Bazaar

This market is stocked by tourists and is famous for handmade jams, chocolates and such stuff that you find here.

Library Bazaar

This market is also known as Gandhi Chowk and has some really great stuff to get – apparel, handicrafts, junk jewellery and so much more!

Landour Bazaar

An old market to visit to feel the nostalgia and get an insight into Mussoorie’s history. There are a few shops that sell antiques and everyday essentials.

Landour Bakehouse

You can buy the best stick jaws and candy canes at Landour Bakehouse. You can also purchase varied cookies pastries and cakes.

Cambridge Book Depot

Popular due to famous author, Ruskin Bond; this bookstore stocks the largest collection of novels, periodicals, magazines and travel guides.

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