12000 Rs A Mango - Story Behind Most Costly Mangoes

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Mangoes are special during Indian summers because of their juicy, tangy, and sweet flavours, which provide a cool respite from the intense heat.

Sindhri Mango

Sindhri mangoes, native to Pakistan's Sindh region, are renowned for their sweet, aromatic flavour and are sold for up to Rs 3,000 each due to their glossy, bright yellow skin

Kohitur Mango

Kohitur mangoes, a rare 18th-century hybrid of Kalopahar and an unidentified variety, are cultivated in Murshidabad, West Bengal, and may fetch up to Rs 12,000 apiece

Alphonso Mango

Alphonso mangoes, Known as the "king of mangoes," grow well on western India's coast. These mangoes can cost as much as Rs 1,500 per kilogram during the busiest time of year

Noorjahan Mango

The Noorjahan mango, named after the Mughal queen, is thought to have originated in Gujarat. These mangoes are extremely rare and can bring up to Rs 1,000 per piece

Miyazaki Mango

Miyazaki mango, native to Japan, is the world's most expensive, renowned for its large size, rich aroma, and strong sweetness, fetching up to Rs 3 lakh per Kg in foreign markets

Mangoes epitomize summer and luxury, each with its own story and value, showcasing diverse flavours and cultural significance, enriching our lives with taste and history

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