7 Best Places For Bungee Jumping In India

By Famous India


Jumpin Heights - Rishikesh

Jumpin Heights, one of India's best bungee jumping sites, offers the sensation of free fall amidst the gorgeous surroundings of Rishikesh


Della Adventure Park - Lonavala

Della Adventure Park, situated in Lonavala's scenic hills, provides a unique bungee jumping experience that combines thrilling leaps with breathtaking views


Gravity Adventure Zone - Goa

Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa offers a thrilling bungee jumping experience, combining beach vibes and an unforgettable adventure


Ozone Adventures - Bangalore

Ozone Adventures is a well-known bungee jumping venue in Bangalore that offers an exhilarating getaway from the bustle of the city


Chitrakoot Falls - Jagdalpur

Discover the breathtaking scenery of Chitrakoot Falls, where bungee jumping meets the visual allure of the area while taking in the natural beauty of Jagdalpur


Highland Resort - Lonavala

At Highland Resort, you may indulge your daring side while experiencing the excitement of bungee jumping in the peaceful surroundings of Lonavala's hills


Fly India Adventure Park -  Delhi-NCR

At Fly India Adventure Park, bungee jumping enthusiasts can leap for an amazing experience and start a gravity-defying adventure in the busy capital region

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