8 Best Places To Visit In Mizoram

By Famous India


It is a bustling city located among rolling hills and lush greenery, offering a look at Mizoram's distinct culture and traditions


Lunglei, the "Bridge of Rock", is a bustling town in the heart of Mizoram. It is home to a diverse population of Mizo, Chakma, and other ethnic groups


In the centre of Mizoram are lush, verdant landscapes with a strong cultural heritage


A peaceful hilltop town in Mizoram, known for its betel nut plantations and rich cultural heritage


A misty mountaintop village offering panoramic views and a glimpse into Mizo heritage

Vantawng Waterfalls

Vantawng Falls, also called Vantawng Khawhthla, is a breathtaking natural wonder situated in Mizoram's Serchhip District

Tamdil Lake

A tranquil reservoir nestled amidst hills, offering boating, fishing, and breathtaking views


Phawngpui, often referred to as the "Blue Mountain," is the highest peak in the Mizoram

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