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8 Best Places To Visit In Nalanda Bihar

Nava Nalanda Mahavihara

It is a modern research institute reviving Nalanda's ancient academic traditions. This Nalanda tourist place is perfect for those interested in Buddhist studies

Nalanda University

The ruins of ancient Nalanda University showcase a historical education hub. It's a top destination among places to visit in Nalanda


Rajgir, the former capital of Magadh, is known for its hot springs and historical sites. This Nalanda tourist place offers natural beauty and history

Nalanda Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum displays artefacts from the Nalanda ruins. It's an essential stop among places to visit in Nalanda for history enthusiasts

The Great Stupa

The Great Stupa is a massive structure symbolizing ancient India's architectural prowess. This Nalanda tourist place is a must-visit for pilgrims and historians

Surya Mandir

Surya Mandir, dedicated to the Sun God, is a revered temple in Nalanda. It's a key spot among places to visit in Nalanda for its spiritual ambience


Pawapuri, a sacred Jain site, is where Lord Mahavira attained Nirvana. This peaceful Nalanda tourist place offers calm and spiritual solace

Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall

The Hall honours the Chinese traveller who studied at Nalanda. It's a significant place to visit in Nalanda, reflecting its historical and international influence