8 counteries offering visa on arrivals to indian

By Famous India


Myanmar has had long-standing cultural, economic, and strategic ties with India and is one of the nations that provide visas on arrival to Indian citizens

Located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean, Fiji is an archipelago that is renowned across the globe for its mountains, beaches, reefs, and lagoons. Indian nationals planning a trip to Fiji need not apply for a pre-approved visa.


Located to the south of the Indian subcontinent Sri Lanka offers visas to Indian citizens, provided you carry an Electronic Travel Authorisation on arrival.

Sri Lanka

This South American country is a favourite among travellers for its ethnic diversity and is the place to be if you are an avid trekker or mountaineer.


Cape Verde or Cabo Verde, as it is officially known in Portuguese, is your dream destination if you’re all about white sandy beaches and cool sea waves!

Cabo Verde

If you’re looking for a quiet tropical holiday on a budget, want to enjoy some local African cuisine, then Cameroon will save you!

Cameroon Union Republic

Cook Islands

You’ll be surprised by the culture of the Cook Islands as the population there believes in sustainable living. Right from water conservation to the use of electric vehicles.


The stunning Kempinski Palace, the historic Djibouti Palace, and the serene Hamoudi Mosque are some of the architectural beauties to feast your eyes on!