8 Deadliest Air Disasters That Shook the World

By Famous India

Tenerife Airport  Disaster (March 27, 1977)

Two Boeing 747s, operated by KLM and Pan Am, collided on the runway at Tenerife Airport in the Canary Islands, resulting in 583 fatalities

Japan Airlines Flight 123 (August 12, 1985)

A Boeing 747 suffered an explosive decompression and crashed into Mount Osutaka in Japan, killing 520 people

Turkish Airlines Flight 981 (March 3, 1974)

A McDonnell Douglas DC-10 crashed near Paris, France, due to a cargo door failure, killing all 346 people on board

Air India Flight 182  (June 23, 1985)

A bomb exploded on this Boeing 747 en route from Montreal to London, causing it to crash into the Atlantic Ocean near Ireland, resulting in 329 fatalities

Iran Air Flight 655  (July 3, 1988)

A US Navy guided-missile cruiser shot down an Iran Air Airbus A300 over the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 passengers and crew aboard

American Airlines Flight 191 (May 25, 1979)

A McDonnell Douglas DC-10 crashed just after takeoff from Chicago's O'Hare International Airport due to an engine detachment, killing all 271 passengers and crew

Saudi Arabian Flight 163 (August 19, 1980)

A Lockheed L-1011 Tristar caught fire shortly after takeoff from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and crashed, resulting in 301 fatalities

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17  (July 17, 2014)

A Boeing 777 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 passengers and crew aboard

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