10  Adventure Sports  Activities           in  Himachal Pradesh

By Famous India 


When it comes to adventure activities in himachal trekking is an absolute must for adventure seekers

River Rafting

In Himachal Pradesh, river rafting is an exciting activity that gives you a close-up look at the might of the Himalayan rivers


Immersion in the breathtaking Himalayan wilderness is possible through the unique experience of camping in Himachal Pradesh

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is a thrilling adventure sports in himachal pradesh that offers climbers explore some of the most stunning scenery


It is a thrilling adventure that allows you to descend from towering cliffs and rock faces, with stunning views of the surrounding

Ice Skiing

Ice skiing is an amazing winter activity that offers breathtaking views as you glide across frozen rivers and lakes

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in is a thrilling adventure that allows you to explore the stunning Himalayan wilderness on two wheels


In Himachal Pradesh, paragliding offers you the chance to soar over breathtaking landscapes like a bird

Ice Skating

The state has a number of natural and artificial ice skating rinks, making it a great place to enjoy this sports of himachal pradesh


All ages can enjoy the thrilling and entertaining sport of zorbing. It involves sliding down a hill in a huge, transparent ball

Start planning your adventure sports adventure in Himachal Pradesh today!