Best Places to Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Ride in India



By Famous India

Uttar Pradesh: In Uttar Pradesh, the exotic balloon ride is accorded at Taj Mahal. Best Time: October to March Flight duration: 15 - 20 minutes Approximate Cost: INR 500 to INR 750 per person for a 15-20 minute ride

Maharashtra: Lonavala in Maharashtra is an ideal gateway. Best time: October to May Duration: 60 min Sites: Adventure, Skywaltz Approximate Cost: INR 6,000 for children and INR 12,000 for adult


Goa: Goa has been serving as the one-stop destination for all party animals for many years. Best Time: October-March Flight Duration: 60 min Sites: Adventure Nation, Tiger Balloon Safari. Cost- INR 14,000

Karnataka: Karnataka offers the perfect setting for a quaint and peaceful time. Best time: October-May Duration: 60 - 80 min Sites: Tiger Balloon Safari, Hellotravel. Cost- INR 8,000 to 12,000 per person

Rajasthan: It is the perfect place to go for a hot air balloon ride in India. Best Time: September to June Flight duration: 60 min Sites: Adventure nation Cost: INR 6,000 for children and 12,000 for adults

Delhi: In Delhi, the trip is organise from Damdama Lake, Sohna, and Neemrana. Best Time: September to March Flight Duration: 60 min Sites: Skywaltz, Tiger Balloon Safari. Cost: INR 9000 to 13000 per person

Himachal Pradesh: Hot Air Ballooning now happens in Manali. Best Time: October to December & May to July Approximate Cost: INR 900 per person.

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