Celebrating Puthandu: Tamil New Year

By Famous India

Welcome to Puthandu, the Tamil New Year celebration! Puthandu falls on April 14th, 2024, marking the beginning of the Tamil calendar.

Puthandu, meaning 'new year' in Tamil, celebrates renewal and prosperity on April 14th, marking the start of a new life cycle

Homes are decorated with kolam designs and mango leaves. People take an early morning oil bath and visit temples to do special prayers, seek blessings and offerings

Indulge in the flavours of traditional Tamil cuisine. Savour dishes like 'Mango Pachadi', 'Payasam', 'Vadai', and 'Paruppu Sadam' signify the festive spirit and abundance

Cultural performances with colourful processions showcase decorated idols and folk dancers. Engage in traditional games like 'Uri Adithal' and 'Pallanguzhi' for extra fun

Strengthen bonds through heartfelt wishes and gifts. Share new clothes, sweets, and decorative items with loved ones. Embrace the spirit of generosity and sharing

Puthandu unites Tamil communities worldwide in joy and cultural pride. May the New Year bring happiness, success, and prosperity to all. Happy Puthandu!

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