Celebrating the Radiance of Lohri: A Joyful and Festive Tradition

Lohri a popular Punjabi festival Celebrated on January 13th to mark the end of winter and the arrival of longer days

Celebrating Lohri

Lighting a bonfire symbolizes the energy of the sun and is a central ritual of Lohri

Traditional Bonfire Ritual

Lohri is celebrated with vibrant clothing, often featuring traditional Punjabi suits and colourful turbans

Traditional Attire

Without vibrant traditional dances like Bhangra and Gidda, Lohri celebrations would be incomplete

Folk Songs and Dance

Traditional Lohri foods include sesame seeds (til), jaggery (gur), popcorn, and various sweet treats like rewri

Lohri Special Foods

Farmers celebrate the harvest of the season and offer prayers for a successful upcoming year on Lohri

Importance of Lohri in Agriculture

Lohri is a time when communities and families join together to celebrate, unite, and express joy

Family and Community Bonding

Different parts of India celebrate Lohri in different ways, each contributing distinctive cultural elements

Regional Variations

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