Exploring India's Major Ports: Gateways to Global Trade

Kandla Port, Gujarat

It located on the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat, is one of India's major ports, processing a wide range of cargo. It is essential to northern India's maritime trade

Jawaharlal Nehru Port,  Maharashtra

Jawaharlal Nehru Port, or Nhava Sheva, is India's largest container port. It is located in Maharashtra and serves as a major container shipping center

Mumbai Port

Mumbai Port, located on India's west coast, is one of the oldest and most prominent ports. It handles a significant amount of general cargo and passenger traffic

Visakhapatnam Port,  Andhra Pradesh

Visakhapatnam Port, often known as Vizag Port, is one of the largest ports on India's eastern coast. It handles a wide range of cargo, including iron ore and petroleum products

Chennai Port

Chennai Port is India's second-largest port, located on the Coromandel Coast. It is an important hub for transporting containers, autos, and project goods

Port Blair Port, Andaman and  Nicobar Islands

Port Blair is the principal port for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is essential for transporting products and travellers to and from the islands

Kolkata Port

It is India's oldest functioning port and serves as the primary gateway to the eastern and northeast regions. It includes the Kolkata Dock System and the Haldia Dock Complex

Cochin Port, Kerala

Cochin Port, situated on Kerala's Arabian Sea coast, is a major port known for its strategic location and natural harbor, handling a diverse range of goods

Tuticorin Port, Tamil Nadu

Tuticorin Port, also known as V.O. Chidambaranar Port, is a significant port in Tamil Nadu. It handles a wide range of cargo, including coal, salt, and petroleum products

Paradip Port, Orissa

Paradip Port, located on India's east coast in Orissa, is a vital hub for the industrial and agricultural sectors, handling bulk cargo like coal and iron ore

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