India's Top 10 Tallest Buildings: Reaching for The Sky

By Famous India

India's highest structure, the 320-meter-tall Palais Royale, provides stunning views of Mumbai's dynamic cityscape

Mumbai: Palais Royale

Rising 65 stories above Kolkata, The 42 offers magnificent luxury apartments with panoramic views of the city

Kolkata: The 42

The second-tallest structure in India is the 300-meter mixed-use skyscraper in Noida called Supernova Spira

Noida: Supernova Spira

Raheja Revanta, the tallest residential skyscraper in Gurgaon, with an infinity pool and a skybridge. It stands 280 meters tall

Gurugram: Raheja Revanta

Rising majestically above the Gomti River, Lucknow's Prestigia Tower redefines luxury living in the city of Nawabs

Lucknow: Prestigia Tower

Lodha Bellezza in Hyderabad offers a luxurious living experience with sky villas atop a 153-meter frame, showcasing stunning city views

Hyderabad: Lodha Bellezza

With its 172-meter towers piercing the Chennai skyline, SPR City epitomizes luxury living with stunning views and a lively community

Chennai: SPR City

Pune's crown jewels offer prestigious living in two towering 45-story skyscrapers

Pune: Amanora Gateway Towers

Tower B of Three Sixty West is an amazing piece of architecture. With 66 stories and a height of 260 meters

Mumbai: Three Sixty  West Tower B

The CNTC Presidential Tower is a prominent feature of the metropolitan environment, exhibiting superior architectural design

Bengaluru: CNTC Presidential  Tower

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