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Top 9  Culinary   Delights Of

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By Famous India

Pav Bhaji

A delicious blend of spicy and buttery goodness, Pav Bhaji is a savoury mixed vegetable curry that is served with buttered buns. One of the Maharashtra famous food

Vada Pav

It is a potato fry served within a bun that is loved for its mouthwatering simplicity and low cost. And also a staple food of maharashtra

Khanda Poha

An easy-to-make but delectable traditional food of Maharashtra, prepared with flattened rice, mustard seeds, peanuts, onions, and spices

Mutton Dhansak

A famous dish of Maharashtra Mutton Dhansak is cooked with lentils and mutton. It is renowned for its fragrant spices, rich flavours and sweet-sour overtones

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi is a delicious and nutritious dish made with soaked tapioca pearls that are sauteed with cumin seeds, peanuts, and mild spices


A savoury and refreshing snack, made with puffed rice, chutneys, and a burst of flavours and spices. It is enjoyed by people of all age

Ragda Pattice

It is a famous dish of Maharashtra, made out of potato patties served with a fiery white peas curry and garnished with chutneys and crispy sev


Modak is a delicious and festive dessert prepared from rice flour or wheat flour that has been packed with a mixture of jaggery, coconut

Bombil Fry

A beloved dish Bombil Fry is a well-known seafood specialty in Maharashtra. It is made with spice-marinated Bombay Duck fish and is deep-fried

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