Milk-based beverages list in India

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Chai (Tea): Although not entirely milk-based, the traditional Indian chai often includes milk, tea leaves, sugar, and spices such as cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon.

Badam Milk: A rich, creamy beverage made with milk, almonds, sugar, and sometimes flavored with saffron or cardamom.

Thandai: A refreshing drink made with milk, nuts (particularly almonds), and spices like saffron, cardamom, fennel seeds, and pepper. It's often served during festivals like Holi.

Lassi: A yogurt-based drink, often served sweetened or salted. Sweet lassi may include sugar, fruit, or rosewater, while salted lassi is seasoned with spices like cumin.

Bhang: A traditional drink made with milk, cannabis paste, and various spices, often consumed during festivals like Holi.

Rose Milk: A flavored milk drink made by blending milk with rose syrup or rose water, often served chilled.

Coffee with Milk: While coffee is not traditionally Indian, the Indian version often includes milk and is sometimes flavored with spices like cardamom.

Kesar (Saffron) Milk: Milk infused with saffron threads, sweetened with sugar, and sometimes garnished with nuts like pistachios or almonds.

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