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Preventing AC Blasts: Essential Tips from Noida's Incident

A fire in Noida's Lotus Boulevard on May 30, caused by an AC blast, was contained to one room. Chief Fire Officer Pradeep Kumar Choubey credited the firefighting systems for containment

Here are 7 Tips For Preventing AC Blasts

Ensure the outdoor unit of your air conditioner remains free from debris and dirt buildup to optimize airflow and prevent AC blasts

Make sure the outdoor unit is clean

Allow sufficient clearance around your air conditioner unit to facilitate proper air circulation, avoiding overheating and sudden blasts of cold air

Give your air conditioner room to breathe

Avoid using extension cords with your air conditioner to prevent voltage drop and potential damage to the unit

Never use a Cord extender

Ensure proper insulation in your home to maintain consistent temperatures, preventing sudden bursts of cold air from your air conditioner due to heat loss or gain

Incorrect Temperature setting

To maintain balanced airflow throughout your house, avoid abrupt cold air bursts, and ensure effective cooling distribution, keep air vents clear

Poor Insulation

Regularly schedule professional maintenance for your air conditioner to keep it running efficiently, minimizing the risk of sudden temperature fluctuations and AC blasts

Block Vent

Set your air conditioner to the appropriate temperature to avoid rapid cycling and sudden blasts of cold air, ensuring a comfortable and consistent indoor climate

Schedule professional maintenance

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