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The best restaurants in South and north Goa

Martin's Corner Known for its authentic Goan cuisine and seafood.

Fisherman's Wharf Offers a beautiful riverside dining experience with a mix of Goan, Indian, and Continental cuisines.

Zeebop by the Sea Famous for its beachside location and fresh seafood.

Taverna Panjim Offers a fusion of Goan and Portuguese cuisines in a charming setting.

Mum's Kitchen Known for its homely ambiance and traditional Goan dishes.

Cafe Tato Popular for its affordable and delicious Goan snacks like fish thali and prawn curry.

Gunpowder Cafe Renowned for its South Indian cuisine with a contemporary twist.

Bomrus Offers a fine dining experience with a fusion of Burmese, Asian, and Indian cuisines.

Thalassa Known for its stunning cliffside location and Greek cuisine.

Souza Lobo A Goan institution, serving up authentic Goan dishes for decades.

La Plage Famous for its French-inspired cuisine and beachside setting.

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