Top 10 Best Punjabi Dishes

By Famous India

This meal will astound you with its creamy texture, tender chunks of beef, genuine kasuri methi scent, and generous amounts of butter. It pairs nicely with naan or rumaali roti.

Every home and restaurant in Punjab makes their famous lassi, which is a source of pride for the people. Punjabi lassi is traditionally sweet and creamy, with a heaping spoonful of malai on top.

Bhature differs significantly from the ordinary puri. It is often larger than puri and has a more spongy texture. It's served with a spicy, delicious chole masala made with chickpeas and other spices.

Pinni is a savory, sweet dish made with wheat flour, jaggery (gur), and desi ghee. A variety of dried fruits, including pistachios and almonds, are used as garnish.

This appetizer is said to have originated from the Mughal kitchens during the reign of Emperor Akbar. It is usually cooked with fish fillets from Sole fish or Singhara fish.

The majority of Punjabi eateries frequently provide sarson da saag, a wintertime treat. The leaves of the mustard plant are used to prepare it. On sometimes, spinach is also included.

This is a flat bread made from makka (maize flour). It is prepared in a tawa or a tandoor. Though traditionally paired with sarson da saag, it also goes well with any other form of 'saag'

Prepared with whole wheat flour, ghee and sugar, this dish could very well be one of the tastiest desserts one has ever tasted. This delicious halwa is pure love.

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