Unique Destinations in Jibhi

By Famous India

Offbeat Wonders In Himachal Pradesh

Jalori Pass

Himachal Pradesh's magnificent Jalori Pass is a high-altitude Pass that provides serene camping areas, thrilling trekking trails, and stunning views

Serolsar Lake

Serolsar Lake, located in Himachal Pradesh and surrounded by verdant forests and peaceful scenery, captivates tourists with its beauty

Great Himalayan National Park

With its pristine alpine meadows, high peaks, and rich flora and fauna, the Great Himalayan National Park captivates visitors and nature lovers

Raghupur Fort

Rathupur Fort is a historical relic that displays prehistoric architecture and offers an insight into the rich cultural legacy of the area

Chehni Kothi

Chehni Kothi is a beautiful traditional tower that showcases local architectural and cultural value in the middle of breathtaking mountain scenery

Jibhi Waterfalls

Jibhi Waterfalls are enchanting with their spotless beauty and peaceful atmosphere, providing a peaceful haven amidst scenic surroundings

Shringa Rishi Temple

With its ancient architecture, the Shringa Rishi Temple is a site of spiritual calm and cultural richness

Tirthan River

With its clear waters and gorgeous surroundings, the Tirthan River offers nature lovers a peaceful haven and beautiful landscapes