Awaken Your Senses with 5 aSoothing Aromatic Plants

By Famous India


The sweet aroma exuding from the multi-hued flowers, immersing you in the sea of beauty and mist, is what rosemary offers you. Its needle-shaped leaves flavour your food besides serving for a graceful ornament.

Khus Plant

Vetiver, commonly called the khus plant, is a finely structured bunch-grass which blossoms with brownish-purple blooms. It brings to your garden a musty scent to charm even the dullest of days.


A staple to your Italian cuisines that brings a warm earthy aroma and delights your tastebuds, oregano flavours doesn't just stimulate your food but also your mood.

Lemon Basil

With leaves resembling basil, it is a delectable plant for its perfect combination of lemon and basil essence that also enriches food.


Famous for its usage in the perfume industry, Rajnigandha is every garden’s aromatic queen. Rajnigandha, is a no-tantrum aromatic plant that thrives in warm climates

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