List of 10 Famous Shopping Markets in Visakhapatnam

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  • Jan 6, 2022

List of 10 Famous Shopping Markets in Visakhapatnam

Most people come to Visakhapatnam for its wonderful beaches but many not know that it is also a great place to indulge in shopping. Apart from local stores and markets, Vizag also has malls and it is one of the best places to satisfy your hunger for shopping as you don’t have to go too far to search.

1. Kurupam Market

Kurupam Market is located near old post-office junction in Vizag. The place is famous for high quality silver and gold ornaments at decent prices. Kurupam market is ranked prominently on the key list of heritage structures to figure out in Vizag.

2. Visakhapatnam Central

The most happening place is Visakhapatnam Central, beside CP office, where you you will get all fashion jewelleries, branded apparels, lifestyle merchandise like shades, watches, and color cosmetics. The tagline of Central Shop is, eat and celebrate. You will really enjoy shopping here. It is very expensive though.

3. Lepakshi Handicrafts Emporium

Lepakshi Handicrafts Emporium, though centuries old, has arts and crafts that have displayed innate durability and flexibility. They adapt to the changing times and eras and till date maintain an endearing and enriching freshness. Kalamkari with its colorful and lucid depiction of the landscapes and epics; the lovely and lively kondapalli toys carved out of softwood; Bidri craft with silvery contours and the Nirmal paintings with their golden hues, have become the compass of not only interior designers, but also connoisseurs.

4. Old Book Market

The old book market is one of the famous landmarks in Vizag and is a bibliophile’s delight. This book market is located in Central Vizag and is somewhat of a heritage location in the city. It is a pleasure to see tons of books neatly piled up. There are more than 30 shops and all sell both non-academic and academic books as well as nonfiction and fiction titles. There are great deals on second hand books as they are sold at very low rates. One can also exchange books as well as sell old books for new ones here. Quite a few rare books can also to be found here.

5. Jagadamba Centre

The Jagadamba Centre is a market hub and is an ideal location to be at for shopaholics who want everything at the same place. For the ones interested in authentic handicrafts they will not find any other place in Visakhapatnam as lovely as this one! The landmark here is the Jagadamba Theatre and is frequently visited by both locals and tourists on days when there are performances. The food stalls are one of the major attractions here and one can get spicy street food here at very affordable rates.

6. Daba Gardens

This marketplace is mostly dedicated to branded sportswear and sports items, which is why fitness enthusiasts and sports freaks are often seen in this locality. Good quality sports goods can be found here at very reasonable rates and all kinds of sports gear like cricket kits, roller skates and football kits can be bought as well. There are both national and international brands being sold here, hence it suits every pocket.

7. Nehru Bazaar

Nehru Bazaar in Vizag is one of the best places for shopping. With many meat and vegetable vendors, a couple of grocery stores, spice vendors, the market buzzes with activity all day long. The market highlight is the second-hand furniture shop called Masetty & Sons. They have astounding collection of furniture at affordable price. Not only this, for all the food lovers out there, you can enjoy tea, pakodis, and even noodles if you feel hungry.

8. Rama Talkies

Rama Talkies Road in Visakhapatnam is one of the other amazing shopping places. On the road side, the flower vendors offer wonderful view aside from the regular traffic. Besides, you can also see vendors selling puja items and vegetables as well. If that is not all, explore the lane and you will find wedding card printers, small grocery stores, stationary shops and even bicycle sellers.

9. Poorna Market

The market has everything from fresh meats, fruits, cane mats, puja items, vegetables, traditional knives, wholesale plastic shops, and cooking sets made of stone. Many boutiques shop sells buttons, threads and fancy laces in these narrow, crooked lanes. In the little weaver’s lane, one can find bamboo and cane weavers busy doing work, who are part of this market’s topography.

10. Beach Shacks

There are many proper shops in the city but one must not forget the beach shacks which line the beaches of Vizag. These are fabulous places to pick up knick knacks and trinkets. Most of the items sold here are handmade from sea shells and cloth and are also completely organic in most cases. The sellers are mostly villagers, living not far from the main city and this happens to be their livelihood. The items picked up here are great souvenirs back home. They are also very affordable and the ambience of the beach market is remarkable.

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