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  • Jan 6, 2022
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List of 10 Famous Shopping Markets in Visakhapatnam

Most people come to Visakhapatnam for its wonderful beaches but many not know that it is also a great place to indulge in shopping. Apart from local stores and markets, Vizag also has malls and it is one of the best places to satisfy your hunger for shopping as you don’t have to go too … Continue reading "List of 10 Famous Shopping Markets in Visakhapatnam"

Why is Visakhapatnam famous in India

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  • Dec 9, 2020
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Why is Visakhapatnam famous in India?

Known as the ‘Gem of the East Coast‘, Visakhapatnam (or ‘Vizag’) is a traveler’s heaven. Encompassed by transcending slopes on one side and beautiful sea shores on the other, this generally secret objective is home to an assorted arrangement of attractions that guarantee guests one amazing occasion. Some beautiful places that you must visit when … Continue reading "Why is Visakhapatnam famous in India?"

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