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Famous Areas in North India that are Perfect for Food Lovers

North India offers a vast array of delectable foods and culinary experiences, making it a gastronomic treasure trove. North Indian cities all have distinct culinary histories that are just waiting to be discovered. Here are Famous area in north India that are perfect for food lovers. Delhi: Chandni Chowk: This humming Old Delhi market is … Continue reading "Famous Areas in North India that are Perfect for Food Lovers"

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List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Varanasi

Shopping in Varanasi is a lovely experience, as its glamoring markets have shops that offer the best of trinkets, ornaments, and different things that are not to be missed. Amongst the most famous purchases, Silk weaving is maybe the most well-known specialty of Varanasi and Banarasi silk sarees shape a crucial part of an Indian … Continue reading "List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Varanasi"

Why Is Varanasi Famous In India

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Why Is Varanasi Famous In India?

The beautiful and holy city of Varanasi also known as Banaras that attracts millions to its celebrated ghats consistently to take a bath in the Ganges is as old as the Indus Valley because of great civilization. As per another investigation led by IIT-Kharagpur utilizing GPS innovation, they’ve discovered that Varanasi could be as old … Continue reading "Why Is Varanasi Famous In India?"

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