List of 10 Popular Shopping Markets in Kochi

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  • Jan 5, 2022

List of 10 Popular Shopping Markets in Kochi

There is nothing more exciting than exploring the local markets in Kochi. The vibrant colors, different kinds of products, the bustle that never seems stops, what can be more enriching and cultural than a trip to these hub clusters where you can just shop it all. Let’s start this shopping list with some of the coolest markets you can visit-

1. Jew Town

Jew Town in Fort Kochi has numerous craft and antique stores. Most of the antique shops sell colonial heritage era pieces, as well as traditional Jewish items from the Jewish homes of the area. You can also find many kinds of Indian sculptures, interior artifacts, souvenirs and decor.

2. Broadway

Broadway, having slope-roofed buildings preserving its old charm, is one of the shopping hubs in Kochi. Retail and wholesale shops line the street and sell an incredible variety of products including nuts, bags, toys, books, shoes, spices, clothes, utensils, jewelry, furniture, handicrafts, electronic equipment’s, various kind of oils and so on. Any time of the year, you will see people bargaining or shopping here. During festive seasons, women and men of all ages shop, almost like crazy at this market which offers great variety and great deals at such times.

3. Ernakulam Market

This market is located at Basin Road near Marine Drive, where you can find a variety of items at reasonable rates when compared to the premier shopping malls. Ernakulam Market is much better than any mall or retail store in terms of availability, quality and price of items in Kerala.

4. Princess Street

Princess Street is the most famous street in Fort Kochi, that gives you a glimpse of European colonial architecture. The only street that never had any demolitions or raids in past. Princess street is perfect for evening walks with art galleries, souvenir shops, heritage complexes and numerous western styled cafes. This place is perhaps the earliest to be built in Fort Kochi and is lined with European-styled buildings.

5. Bazaar Road

This is another amazing road to shop till you drop. There are ample varieties of accessories and apparel that you will find here. Bazaar Road at Fort Kochi is a good place, full of variety of shops.

6. Spice Market

While shopping in Kochi, don’t forget to buy some exciting spices which can be used to prepare delightful culinary when you go back home. The spices produced in the market are known for their purity and long shelf life. Cochin earned international recognition because of the export and production of these appealing spices to several countries. Today the city occupies an important position in the global spice market.

7. Mahatma Gandhi Road

A classic shopping destination near the onset of malls, MG Road has few standalone stores that offer collection of both international and local brands. Locals from the city prefer coming here for clothes as it is renowned for Kerala’s most famous saree brands, such as Jayalakshmi and Seematti.

8. Penta Menaka Shopping Complex

This is the electronics hub of Kochi, where you can get the best deals on gadgets. From cameras, laptops and mobile phones to their spare parts, the Penta Menaka Complex is buzzing with electronic stores. Leading dealers of trustworthy brands assure you genuine gizmos at attractive discounts.

9. Marine Drive

The Marine Drive is shopaholic’s delight by the backwaters of Kochi. The Bay Pride and GCD complex have an assortment of stores that sell imported perfumes, clothing, and electronics. The Flea Market here has a good collection of casual cotton clothing at very cheap prices.

10. Malabar Chips

Nendran chips or banana chips is one of the signature snacks of Kerala. Tourists visiting Kerala buy these crispy delicious chips for themselves as well as for their dear and near ones. Some places to get these authentic chips are Banana Chips, Malabar Chips, and Groves Snacks.

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