List of Famous Shopping Markets in Bangalore

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  • Dec 28, 2021

List of Famous Shopping Markets in Bangalore

Bangalore is not only the country’s IT hub, but also a major tourist spot due to its culture and history. Bangalore is not only about IT hubs and huge offices, but is also renowned for its shopping and nightlife. Bangalore is home to stylish malls, expensive shops and culturally diverse markets. The city is a natural mixture of modern and old, offering tourists a wide array of shopping options from luxurious shopping malls to popular street markets.

1. Commercial Street

Commercial Street is a dreamland in Bangalore for street shoppers. This market covers shoes, spices, clothing, accessories, home decor, sporting goods and imitation jewelry. You may also find antiques at affordable prices as well as linen for your home. Commercial Street is busy and you have got to walk a lot here. The shopkeepers set the price high in the starting, and you will need to negotiate well to get what you want at cheap rates.

2. Chickpet Market

Chickpet in Bangalore is another adventurous and busiest shopping route. The Chickpet Market is one of the oldest commercial street markets with a history of 400 years. The market swanks the largest range of saree to suit every occasion and have various styles, designs and colors. Prices are not set here, so you need to bargain for a good price. If you are looking for special saree collections, come in the festive season, i.e., during Diwali, Christmas or Eid.

3. Brigade Road

Brigade road is loaded up with non-branded and branded stores. There are major brand stores like Levis, Vero Moda, Jack N Jones, Louis Philippe, Baggit, etc. Walk in and you will soon realize that you have found the best place to shop on the streets of Bangalore. One look around tells you that you have come to the best shopping streets in Bangalore. Also, there are old vintage shops where you can buy handcrafted and homemade products. All this shopping is bound to make you angry or hungry if you cannot find a restaurant quickly! Luckily, Brigade Road has fast food places like Starbucks and KFC.

4. Avenue Road

It is one of the best street markets in Bangalore for book collectors and book lovers. The stores house new and old books of different languages and genres in good condition and nominal rates. You can also find some limited editions of your collection. It is also a great place to buy arts and crafts, stationery and gift packing materials. Vendors sell books at very cheap rates because there are a lot of books, but as said earlier, you have to negotiate.

5. SP Road Market

The SP Road in Bangalore is a popular narrow lane filled with electronic stores. The SP Road Market meets the needs of gadgets, cameras, handy cams, spare parts, mobile accessories and almost everything related to daily electronic requirements. Some mobile repair shops, along with mobile shops, can also be seen here. Shops sell items at very reasonable rates, and yet you must bargain because as a bargain hunter you must drop their prices.

6. Jyoti Nivas College Road

Outside this famous girl’s college, you can buy anything. The streets around it are full of all types of fast food, gift shops, shoe stalls, clothing stores, etc. Look out for the chicest outfits, Scintilla’s cotton kurtis, usually one-of-a-kind, casual and unique fashion at Two Monks Studio. The shops at the nearby Tibet Mall offer a quirky festival like you have never seen before.

7. M.G. Road

MG Road is one of the busiest shopping centers in Bengaluru, it is another place to shop for absolutely gorgeous silk sarees, especially in Deepam and Prasiddhi Silks. There are other shops dealing with handmade rosewood and sandalwood face and body products. MG Road is also an excellent place to purchase handicrafts from Cauvery Emporium. Visit this market if you are thinking to buy some new clothes for yourself, or if you are keen on window shopping with your friends.

8. Jayanagar 4th Block

This huge shopping center is located just across Bangalore main bus stand. The Jayanagar shopping complex is Bangalore’s best and largest wholesale market. Shops practically sell everything under the roof – from bags, shoes, clothes, household goods, junk jewelry, linen and sheets, confectionery and sweets, and so on. The entire market is crowded right from the time it opens, and people from the suburbs also come here to shop.

9. Malleswaram Market

Every morning, the fragrant, fresh aroma of flowers attracts buyers at the Malleswaram Market. Fat coils of roses, mogras, marigolds and chrysanthemums please your eyes, and the fragrance fills your nose. Buy flowers for a pooja, offer them in a temple, or just use yourself. This colorful market is a rarity to see.

10. Dubai Plaza

Dubai Plaza is a huge shopping center that provides various imported products. The shopping complex is located on the road near to Rest House and trades in imported bags, shoes, perfumes, clothing, cosmetics, accessories, and electronic goods. Tibetan Plaza is at the basement of the complex, where you can find a unique style of jewelry and clothing. In order to make great deals, try to negotiate and check the defective clothing and other products or return the product.

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