List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Amritsar

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  • Dec 24, 2021

List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Amritsar

Amritsar, the city of the Sikhs, is famous for its diverse attractions like Wagah Border, Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh. But over the years, the city has also made a name as a delightful shopping destination. A range of shawls, carpets, footwear, and designer as well as traditional clothing can be found at its colorful market that are always filled with people. The best part is nothing here is really overpriced. To top the shopping spree, you will have a chance to taste the street food of Amritsar. What more can you ask for? So, when you are going to visit Amritsar, we suggest you take out little time to explore the city’s amazing markets.

1. Hall Bazaar

It is one of the most popular commercial centres for shopping in Amritsar. It has colossal assortment of stuffs, and is observed as outstanding among other shops in Amritsar. It is situated on the way to Golden Temple and can be located very easily. Be it a traveler or a local, this is the one-stop shopping destination for all. You can discover all sorts of attire, footwear, food stalls, handicrafts, and so on.

2. Guru Bazaar

Searching for some eye-capturing adornment pieces? Guru Bazaar is yet another one-stop place for all your jewelry shopping. This bazaar has a tremendous collection of jewelry and other than this, you can stay assured of the genuineness of the jewelry purchased from here.

3. Katra Jaimal Singh Bazaar

Almost the same as various commercial centres, this bazaar in Amritsar is outstanding as compared to other phulkari shops in Amritsar. This market is well known for offering its guests some astonishing and wide range of dresses. You will find all the original phulkari designs in this market as it all began from here.

4. Lahori Gate Market

Lahori Gate stands out amongst the most well-known markets in Amritsar where you can discover an assortment of popular footwear, cotton suits, Pashmina Shawls of Kashmir, and much more. Also, all the products are available at a moderate price which can also be bought at a much cheaper price after bargaining.

5. Shastri Market

Famous for several textile producers, this market in Amritsar is an ideal place to purchase various apparels. From manufactured rayon, cotton, and fleece, to various other materials, this commercial centre has a great deal to offer to its visitors. Famous for shoes and jewelry as well, this market is constantly swarmed as it is one of the best places for shopping near Golden temple. This market is surrounded by some of the best hotels.

6. Lawrence Road

Lawrence Road is a market where you will find a variety of gleaming bracelets, necklaces, junk jewellery, hand woven carpets and branded clothing stores. You can also spot vendors selling shawls, colourful bangles, woollen textiles, stationery items and home decor products. The market is an absolute must for travellers who want to buy some trinkets and attractive postcards to take back home with them. You can have a quick bite at food joints here to satisfy your hunger in the middle of your shopping spree.

7. Kapda Bazaar

Situated near Town Hall, this market is one of the best places for street shopping in Amritsar for youngsters and ladies. The market is mainly known for selling all types of beautiful Phulkari-embroidered textiles and traditional Punjabi apparel in variety of sizes and colours. The bazaar is dotted with small shops selling all kinds of dupattas, salwar kameez, vibrant bangles, beautiful earrings, and bindis, all at reasonable rates. Overall, the market promises a great shopping experience for tourists and locals, here you can buy some of the most fashionable garments available in the whole of region.

8. Old City Bazaar

The Old City of Amritsar has a distinctive beauty about it and exploring it should be one of the wonderful things to do in Amritsar. After wandering through the narrow lanes of the city bazaar and exploring its heritage structures and old havelis, head to the old Bazaar to shop for items like juttis, bangles, ornaments and traditional wear.

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