List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Raipur

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  • Dec 22, 2021

List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Raipur

The city of Raipur boasts of a promising future and a rich heritage. Since it is an emerging city, Raipur is not the shopping destination for high-end labels. But what Raipur offers is both beautiful and unique. Here shoppers will find plush shopping malls rubbing shoulders with markets selling unique ethnic stuff. But with a range of exquisite handicrafts to offer, tourists may give shopping malls a miss in Raipur. Those with an eye for exotic ethnic wear and handcraft items are sure to have a delightful shopping experience here.

1. Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar is one of the loved and famous markets in Raipur and is known for its delicious authentic Chhattisgarh food and eye-catching jewellery. You can find plenty of mouth-watering and delicious dishes to tantalise your taste buds and calm down your hunger calls amidst the shopping spree to mesmerising jewellery collections. Sadar market is famous for its simple yet delicious idli snack, and you can enjoy a plate of healthy vada or idli and sambar for an unbelievable and cheap rate.

2. Gole Bazaar

The Gole Bazaar of Raipur is similar to New Delhi’s Chandni Chowk! Here you can find bridal cosmetics collection to small house organising tools. Being one of the oldest markets in Raipur, it is a shopping paradise and a crowded market for young girls and ladies. The market is over-crowded during Chhattisgarh festival seasons. The market is big, and you may take 5-6 hours to explore the market thoroughly. You can find traditional bridal outfits for weddings and related functions to the latest western apparels. You must avoid four-wheeler vehicles while exploring this heavily crowded market in Raipur. If you plan for shopping here, avoid visiting on weekends as the market is crowded and you will not enjoy the shopping.

3. Pandri Cloth Market

Pandri Cloth Market is a wholesale market in Raipur and is known for its wide array of full stitched apparel to cloth items – dress materials. Furthermore, it is located in the city’s heart and is one of the largest wholesale clothes markets in Raipur. It is closer to the railway station and bus stand, making the market a bit crowded. So, if you need to buy clothes for your wedding shopping, you can buy from the Pandri Cloth market at affordable wholesale and retail rates. This market is loved and famous among the retail cloth shop owners to locals and tourists. If you are looking for trendy and friendly textile options – suit fabric, men’s shirt fabric, or matching dress material piece for your saree or lehenga, you must visit the Manisha textile shop. They offer a considerable collection of dress material and fabric for different occasions. Apart from clothes, you can also buy some matching and suitable pairs of footwear for your outfit.

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