List of Shopping Markets to Visit in Thiruvananthapuram

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  • Jan 10, 2022

List of Shopping Markets to Visit in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram apart from being a major tourist site, is also a paradise for the shopaholics. It is one of the most interesting shopping venues in Kerala, and also in the entire nation too. With a wide array of boutique shops, local markets and shopping malls situated across the entire city, the town happens to the perfect place for buying jewelries, souvenirs, handicrafts, clothes, books and what not.

1. M.G. Road

Mahatma Gandhi Road is the most important north-south road in Trivandrum. The road starts from East Fort and ends in the Museum Road. M.G. Road is a popular shopping area in the city located between Palayam and East Fort. Various shops around and in MG road showcases some examples of Kerala art. Furniture and sculptures in sandalwood and teak, masks of Kathakali models, handloom materials, coir handicrafts, brass items, and textiles are available at the various shops around and in M.G. Road.

2. Connemara Market

Connemara market is located at Palayam Junction in Trivandrum. The recently renovated market has merged with the Saphalyam Complex beside it. The market was established during 1857. It is located at the northern end of MG Road. Connemara market is lined with a variety of household items, shops of garments, coir products, vegetables and grocery. Connemara is a place where you can buy wine and mistletoe during Christmas season.

3. Chalai market

Chalai Bazaar is an old shopping area in Trivandrum. The market is spread through the narrow road which runs from West to East connecting East Fort and Killipalam. The bylanes houses an array of shops. There is virtually everything available in Chala Market, from vegetables and fruits, silver and gold to hardware and paint. Most shops are open daily, few are closed on Sundays but are always crowded in the evening. It is a local market that sells stuff for locals to buy, like ropes, vegetables, plastic decorations, and religious paintings.

4. McAdils Antiques

This antique store has some of the best collections of old and antique items that are interesting. The collection is huge, ranging from watches to sunglasses and furniture. If you are looking for shopping in Trivandrum, we highly recommend this place, as it will really make you shop for items or come back again for the priceless collection.

5. Sarwaa Lifestyle

Another best place for shopping in Trivandrum is Sarwaa lifestyle. If you want to shop for some good gift items or some local artifacts for someone, this is the place for you. This place has a lot of things in every size and shape. Thus, you can get something for yourself for sure. Another good reason for visiting this place is the nice cafeteria. After you done with shopping, go there and relax for a bit. Kerala is famous for its filter coffee. So, if you want that you can have it here.

6. Stacey International

This is a lifestyle store and is the heart of Trivandrum. The reason behind that is it has hundreds of things that are very rare and could not be found anywhere. It has products from all over the world which include local handicrafts, blue delft plates, cuckoo clocks, clothes, shoes, and toys too. Not just that, but this place has its own food court too.

7. Saphalyam Complex

This complex is situated near Connemara market. It is a 20 year old complex that attracts shoppers from all over the city. It has always something for people of every age. However, recently youths are spotted more than people of different age groups. Its popularity has resulted into opening of many restaurants and food stalls.

8. Ramachandran Textile

Renowned for its well-crafted and beautiful silk saree and other attire, Ramachandran textile has been in the market since 1980s. Your trip to Trivandrum will be incomplete if you don’t visit here. The store has a huge variety of apparel for men, kids and women. You can get your hands on the trendiest and latest clothing from the wide range found here. They also sell online from where you can purchase the best accessories and textile. The staff of Ramachandran Textile always delivers the customer a memorable and pleasant shopping experience.

9. Attukal shopping complex

This is a one-stop shopping arcade destination for your entire shopping list. This complex is one of the most beautifully decorated and most clean malls in the entire region. Everything from gifts, apparels, groceries and accessories are all available at highly discounted and reasonable prices. Enjoy shopping from the latest collections of high-quality products. Take a walk around the complex and choose from the different products available.

10. Kairali Handicrafts

Kairali Handicrafts has vast handicraft items such as bamboo furniture, wood carvings, copperware, crafts and cane. This is another place to go for the handicraft lovers. You will get some of the best Kerala style handicrafts with intricate designs on them.

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