Why is Chennai famous in India?


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  • Dec 2, 2020

Why is Chennai famous in India?

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, posses a number of guests either as travelers or as a component of its beautiful attractions of places. By far most case Chennai is perhaps the best city in India.

We realize that Chennai is mainstream for IIT and for being an IT and mechanical center. The city is likewise famous for its energy for music. However, there’s a whole other world to the city than you might suspect. From its differed culture and custom, energetic celebrations, modest rarities to its quintessential “Chennai Tamil”, this city doesn’t neglect to entrance local people and the outsiders living here.



Jallikattu is an indistinguishable piece of Tamil culture and convention. This game of subduing the bull has been coordinated and played for a long time, and consistently local people partake in bullfighting with wild eagerness. The celebration started during the Tamil old style time frame and from that point forward has thrived.

Today, notwithstanding a couple of debates, Jallikattu is commended all over Chennai with grandeur and show. For the celebration, exceptional Bos indicus bulls are reared and utilized.



Pongal, one of the most important celebrations in India, is a gather celebration that is commended in Chennai. It is a four-day-long reasonable during which the farmers offer their worship to God for a decent yield and furthermore look for His favors to encounter the equivalent later on too. Pongal is commonly celebrated in the second seven day stretch of January.



All over Chennai, you will discover an assortment of sanctuaries. They are masterfully worked with transcending gopurams at the passage followed by inner beauty where the divinity is housed and revered. A large portion of the sanctuaries is built by the Dravidian building style. During celebrations, these sanctuaries in Chennai wake up with extraordinary puja is going all out from one perspective and a number of devoteeoffering regard to the Lord on the other.


Tropical Climate-

Chennai is known for its hot and muggy atmosphere. For most pieces of the year, excepting the storm and winter, Chennai encounters a hot and wet atmosphere since it is situated on the warm equator and furthermore gloats of an enormous coastline. The most ideal approach to chill on a hot day in Chennai is to appreciate coconut water on the sea shore or a jar of chilled brew at a bar.


Cheap Movie Tickets-

Chennai is one of only a handful of cities in India where film tickets are cheap. The explanation behind this is the law that doesn’t allow multiplexes and film lobbies from charging more than Rs. 160 a ticket. This is one reason why motion pictures are so well known in Chennai.


Carnatic Music-

On the off chance that there is one sort of music that is mainstream in Chennai, it is Carnatic music. Everywhere on the city, at show corridors, you will discover Carnatic music exhibitions by prominent specialists being held. Similar to the Hindustani music that is renowned in North India, Carnatic music is the traditional type of music that began and prospered in the South. Music stalwarts warble alleviating and sweet tunes while performing and it has a quieting impact on the ear. It is must-insight for anybody going to Chennai.


Marina Beach-

Marina Beach is the most mainstream sea shores in Chennai. Perfect and clean, this sea shore offers sightseers a wonderful view, clear waters, and an assortment of water sports that they can enjoy. They can likewise pig out on some lip-smacking nearby tidbits sold on the sea shore, go for a pony ride or essentially lay on the sea shore beds and get tanned. In the mornings, you can see various individuals taking an early morning walk or run by the sea shore.



One of the most famous dance structures in India and all the more so in Chennai is the Bharatanatyam. It is a traditional dance structure that is educated and adapted intensely in this city. During celebrations and different favorable events, you can observer live Bharatnatyam exhibitions by prominent specialists and their followers who feature their craft and ability on these famous stages.


Ambur Biryani-

Ambur Biryani in Chennai is an exceptionally famous assortment of biryani. Gently spiced rice and hot meat curry make up the dish. It is served at pretty much every non-veggie lover café in the city. The best spot for Ambur Biryani in Chennai is at the Ambur Star Biryani in Vadapalani.


Chettinad Food-

Chettinad food is mainstream in Chennai. This food started in the Chettinad locale of Tamil Nadu and has developed to turn into a top pick among the netizens. The dishes are made utilizing an assortment of neighborhood flavors and new fixings. Well known spots for Chettinad food in Chennai are Parambriym, Dakshin and the Amala Chettinadu Mess.


South Indian Food-

Chennai is otherwise called a foodie’s heaven. The assortment of food you get in the city is just awesome. Regardless of whether you are a veggie lover or a non-vegan, the decision of food accessible is astonishing.

The South India platter offers various dishes that taste totally unique in relation to one another and are likewise enticing on the taste buds.


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