List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Varanasi

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  • Oct 6, 2021

List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Varanasi

Shopping in Varanasi is a lovely experience, as its glamoring markets have shops that offer the best of trinkets, ornaments, and different things that are not to be missed. Amongst the most famous purchases, Silk weaving is maybe the most well-known specialty of Varanasi and Banarasi silk sarees shape a crucial part of an Indian lady for trousseau. Other shopping attractions of Varanasi include the hand-hitched rugs of Mirzapur, musical instruments, the ‘khatta-meat’ and the popular betel leaf that is viewed as a strength of the place.

List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Varanasi-

1. Thatheri Bazar

One of the most popular markets in Varanasi, known for religious artifacts made of copper. This place is quite noted for brocades and silk. It is the only place where the tourists can get antiques having stone trim work. Visitors can buy different things from brass vendors on the road, selling the products. The products are bargainable for the price. Many shops sell woolen and silk products. This place is must if you want to get some home decor items.

2. Vishwanath Lane

It is another market that always remains crowded with visitors and people. One can find various stalls on either side of the road. They display items such as designer and beautiful sarees, bangles, and dupattas. This place is also famous for buying of textile fabrics. Visitors can also come across various types of toy shops all around the market. People can also get wooden toys, crafted with utmost delicacy. Many local artists sit on the side of the road to sell, where you can grab a great chance to bargain on the products.

3. Godowlia Market

A must market to visit in Varanasi. Most of the tourists come here to shop at this market. This place always remains busy with local people and visitors. One can find various types of shops here, lined up one by one. Household items are the main attention of the market. This place is also famous for decor materials, hardware items and clothing materials. In short, it is the only place where one can get all the essential daily items. You can do some home decor shopping from here on a budget.

4. Golghar

The name Golghar has been derived from the granary monument that means “Round House”. It is considered one of the main markets in Varanasi, where one can buy various types of items from the daily requirements to gift items. The visitors can also buy designer footwears and that too at a very reasonable price. This market is a one-stop shop to get everything you desire or need.

5. Rajan Silk Market

Varanasi is famous for Benarasi sarees. One can get high-quality and a wide variety Benarasi sarees from the markets. But some markets are specialized for these. Rajan Silk Market is the only place where one can get trendy designer Benarasi sarees at a wholesale price. Benarasi saree is a clothing that every woman wants to have, but they come at a very steep price in other cities, which you can get here at a reasonable price. Apart from sarees, one can also get Banarasi dupattas, which are very much in trend these days.

6. Dal Mandi Market

It is one of the most popular places in Varanasi that is reputed for selling and having shops for wholesale garments. If you are looking for high-quality garments at a reasonable price, then this market would be the best for you. Most of the garments that are sold by them have superior quality and design. One can get designer and beautiful salwar suits both in unstitched and stitched form especially from this market. This is the largest market in the entire city of Varanasi.

7. Gyanvapi

The market is located adjacent to Gyanvapi mosque which is very famous for selling bangles, shawls, masks of Hindu deities and other related things. The shawls available in this market are of high-quality. Another important thing that is very famous in this area is the designer and beautiful lampshades. Most of the people come here to buy lampshades that enhance the beauty of the room to a great extent. They are available at a very affordable price.

8. Lahurabir

Lahurabir is the place where visitors can browse through a host of available services and goods. Most of the retailers have shops here. One can get shops starting from clothes, jewelry, home appliances and other items. It is the ultimate place to buy all kinds of stuff. Visitors can also come to see the actual process of silk weaving. Even they can buy junk jewelry and a costume that are quite famous in this market.

9. Chowk and Urban Haat

If anyone is looking to buy handloom products then perhaps this is the best place. This place is known to be the mecca for people who are passionate about handlooms and handicrafts. The Government has taken the initiative to organize cultural programs in this place, especially from October to November. It is a great step in promoting this place.

10. Hatua Market

Hatua market is a permanently enclosed market, merchandise area, having street of shops where you can do shopping easily. In this market you will get many shops like cloth shop, jewellery shop, restaurant, etc.


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