Emerging Tourist Destinations Of India


  • By : Shruti Sharma
  • Jul 6, 2020

Emerging Tourist Destinations Of India

India is loaded with culture, tradition, tourism, and lip-smacking food-joints. Anyone who visits India dreams of staying here for various reasons. Some common reasons for you to visit India are;

•    Tourism is vast

•    Oodles of interesting stories related to India

•    Culture is deep to study

•    Food variety is mouth-watering and simply the best!

•    Economically affordable for international tourists

•    Comfortable stay

•    People are friendly

Other than the above reasons, you will find some places that are regarded as emerging tourist destinations of India. In this article, I shall help you with those emerging destinations that you shall be eager to explore. These are picking up tourist activities faster than was expected by the tourism sector. Despite the lockdown, these places offer you better climate, good health, and complete rejuvenation of body, mind, and soul.

1. Jatayu Adventure Park:


The park was opened for tourists in November, 2016. You will get to see a 200 feet long and 150 feet wide sculpture of bird Jatayu. If you have read the mythological book of ‘Ramayana’, you would get more information about the mythical bird, Jatayu and its symbolism.

Activities to explore:

Rock climbing, bouldering, archery, air-rifle shooting, mountain biking, and other similar adventure activities.


2. Bandipur Wildlife Sancturary:


Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the foothills of Nilgiris, Mysore-Ooty Highway. Click pictures of the cute monkeys, wild cats, and four-horned antelope. There are more wild animals that you love to know about in this sanctuary.

Activities to explore:

Photography, sight-seeing, camping, trekking, and more…


3. Bhimbetka Caves:

Madhya Pradesh

Not many people are aware that Bhimbetka Caves are one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Attention has been given to these caves recently by many tourists from different parts of India. The sculptures and carvings on the rocks take you back to 30000 years older or more.

Activities to explore:

Climbing, trekking, photography, research, sight-seeing, and exploration.


4. Sibsagar:


With the new train services in progress that were launched recently, Sibsagar caught the eye of various tourists. Many tourists have repeatedly visited this destination as they find peace and serenity here. It is at a distance of approx. 12 hours from Guwahati. Some of the historic events and places to research are the Ahom Dynasty, Rang Ghar, and Kareng Ghar.

Activities to explore:

Research, photography, meditation, sight-seeing, and more…


5. Kalimpong:

West Bengal

The pleasant weather of Kalimpong is simply breath-taking. Its captivating natural beauty and greenery can convince anyone to pay a visit here repeatedly. In no time, Kalimpong has become a short summer vacation plan to several local families and interstate travellers. Do not miss to explore the Buddhist Monastery for impressive Buddhist scriptures.

Activities to explore:

Archaeology, spiritualism, meditation, adventure, sight-seeing, photography, camping, and more…

Some more places to explore that have lately gained prominence are, Thosegar Waterfalls (Maharashtra), Shaurya Smarak (Bhopal), Dras (Jammu and Kashmir), Nandan Van Jungle Safari (Naya Raipur), and Daringbadi (Odisha). Every place mentioned in this article has a distinct identity with different reasons to explore.

Which place are you planning to visit post lockdown?


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