Madurai’s Famous places for shopping

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  • Mar 15, 2022

Madurai’s Famous places for shopping

Madurai is the epitome of ancient India, holding the essence of culture-rich heritage. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. Madurai needs no introduction for its architectural beauty, culture, and of course its captivating natural places. Whenever I go on a trip to any of these heritage places, I love to do the shopping and I hope you are also a shopping freak like me. Madurai stands as one of the oldest textile industries in India. You know, that’s why the best thing to shop in Madurai are sarees and handloom fabrics. Traditional handicrafts are something that you can uniquely find in Madurai. I will guide you through my experience of Madurai’s best places for shopping where you will get things in every budget. Let’s dive in shopping freaks-

Avani Moola Street

You can begin your journey in Madurai with a visit to Avani Moola Street- the cornerstone of the handicraft industry in Madurai. This place is heaven for handicraft collectors. You will find a plethora of handicraft items. Apart from handicraft items, it offers a wide variety of clothing and bags. Don’t forget to visit this place, shopaholics.


Chithirai Street

Another favorite shopping destination for tourists in Madurai is Chithrai Street. This market is a street market, where you can find everything right under the sun. One can experience real street shopping promising a memorable experience.


Puthu Mandapam

Located at the eastern entrance of Meenakshi temple, one can witness the hundreds of tailors right there on the street sewing the fabrics. These tailors are pretty well skilled to tailor your clothes as per your custom requirements in just a little moment. Along with offering tailored clothing and other apparel, this market also deals in metal, bronze, aluminum articles, and vessels. Which can be used for decorations as well as for puja. You can acquire things at cost effective price. The best time to visit the market is in the evening because of the massive crowd.

Masi Street

If you love to walk with the latest fashion trend then this is the place where you must give a shoot. This place is occupied by trendy and modish things from local shopping stores to big brands houses. It is the place for fashionistas who want to satisfy their hunger for fashionable to traditional clothing.


Madurai Mall

Madurai mall is well-known mall in Madurai. This is one stop solution for shopping enthusiasts. It has supermarkets, boutiques, large showrooms, and jewelry stores. If you are a foodie like me then you can taste a bunch of items in mall’s restaurants.

Vishaal De Mall

Vishaal De Mal is mall perfect place for having fun and chill out. Multiple theme parks, cinemas, brand stores, and food court are something that makes it distinct from places. It is the first largest mall established in southern Tamil Nadu and it comes under the top 100 malls in India because of its massive construction area of 2,20,000 square feet. Lack of ample time would kill your experience so make sure you have.



This shop is best known for picking up sarees and other fabric items, one can find a huge collection of sarees from Banarasi to Kanchipuram. This shop has set the benchmark of clothing shopping in Madurai. It was established in the year 1875 and from that year it’s consistently adding value to its customers.

I hope you will get an idea about the shopping places and chilling points of Madurai. This heritage rich city has much more space to explore and you should have to do it by yourself. Happy Journey !

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