List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Chandigarh

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  • Dec 27, 2021

List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is one of the most beautiful cities of India, it regards itself on having a lot of other features too. Among the various facilities that this city offers, its shopping hubs and its active crowd are quite the high-ranking partners. The crowd is mostly the hardworking young type and the retired relaxing type, but as for the shopping places, it has earned quite a name not only within the city but in the neighboring states of Haryana and Punjab too.

1. Sector 17 Shopping Plaza

Sector 17 Shopping Plaza is the heart of Chandigarh city, it is among the top contenders for the best places to shop in Chandigarh. The commendable feature of this market is that it serves the need of all. Being the oldest shopping place in the city, this place has had gathered such adoration over time.

2. Shastri Market, Sector 22

Another of the distinguishing options for shopping hubs in Chandigarh is the sector 22 market which is also known by the name Shastri Market. This place is mostly amassed by the youths of the city and caters to their need for splendid accessories, trendy footwear, funky clothes and much more.

3. Palika Bazaar, Sector 19

Found in sector 19 of Chandigarh, the Palika Bazaar is not like the bazaar of the same name in Delhi. Rather it is a street market that brought the concept of discounts and cashback to the streets. Quite popular owing to its location, this market has sector 17 and Sukhna Lake as its neighbors.

4. Rehri Market, Sector 15

Built on the same neighborhood as that of the Shastri market, this market is situated on the most accessible spot in the area and is easily sought-after to all. From shoes to clothes to household items, the market serves by being a host to all the customer needs.

5. Furniture Market, Sector 34

As the name spells out, this market is all about your interior needs. Being one of the best markets for furniture in the area, this market has never seen dissatisfied customers. The marginally priced products in the market also work their charm in luring in more visitors.

6. Sector 11 Market

Being the main market in Chandigarh city, the sector 11 market is lined with huge showrooms. This is again a market that satisfies all customer needs and not only shopping, the market is home to some impeccable street food hubs also.

7. Patel Market, Sector 15

It is another hangout point for the youth of the city, the Patel market is quite a shopping hub for shopaholics. The unique collection and their unique brands of clothing, footwear, and accessories never fail to grab the interest of the best crowd in the city.

8. Sadar Bazaar, Sector 19

Sadar Bazaar also falls among the most sought-after markets in Chandigarh is another shopping gem in sector 19. It is this market that has reasonable prices and rates to provide stuff for both females and males. The place seems easily affordable after bargaining on the buyer’s end.

9. Krishna Market, Sector 41

Not only the youth, but the Krishna market has also always worked its magic on different age groups ranging from kids to oldies in the city. More famous for its traditional wear collection, this market is a happy shopping place in Chandigarh.

10. Sector 7 Market

The basic car market in the city is the sector 7 market. This market is nothing but loaded with car deals in and out. Ranging from the insignificant Maruti 800 to whopping Mercedes and Audi, this market deals in all types of used cars. The Sunday car bazaar in the area is quite a high spot and people come from all over the city.

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