Why Is Chandigarh Famous In India?


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  • Oct 29, 2020

Why Is Chandigarh Famous In India?

Situated at the border city, Chandigarh makes it the capital of both Punjab and Haryana and absorbs the way of life of both the states. One of the most very much arranged urban communities in the nation, Chandigarh has beautiful and architecture engineering. The city itself is very excellent and there are numerous things to see and do around the town.



Take a ride around Sukhna Lake-

This lake is situated in the lower regions of the Himalayan mountains, between what are known as the Shivalik Hills. This repository has become the most visited place of interest in the city. It has as of late gained a little voyage boat to take visitors around its waters to see the view.



Rock Garden of Chandigarh-

The Rock Garden of Chandigarh, otherwise called Nek Chand’s Rock Garden, is named after its proprietor Nek Chand. It is a model nursery that was begun as a pastime by the administrative authority and now has become a city sight. It has more than 2,000 models made from anything, from trash to rubble to garbage.



Elante Mall-

Elante Mall is the second-biggest shopping center in North India. With a mechanical outside and contemporary inside, this mall is illustrative of current India. It covers more than 20 sections of land in the zone and is around four stories tall. The shopping assortment traverses anything from the top of the line brands to the more deal finds with an infrequent restaurant to a great extent.



Chandigarh Ayurvedic Centre-

For those needing a sound, mending kick, Chandigarh Ayurvedic Center is the spot to be. Ayurvedic treatment is a type of elective medication that centers around all-encompassing mending and adjusting the entire body. It is perhaps the most seasoned framework on the planet and was established in India itself.



Drive by the Open Hand Monument-

One of the most acclaimed sights around the city is the Open Hand Monument. This snappy drive-by spot was worked to remember harmony and thriving. It is an image of the maxim “the hand to give and the hand to take; harmony and thriving, and the solidarity of humankind”.



Tower of Shadows-

Chandigarh is known for its all-around arranged and nitty-gritty foundation and engineering. All throughout the city, there are various areas with sculptures, landmarks, and structures. One of these is the Tower of Shadows, which was additionally worked by Le Corbusier. It controls the beams of the sun and manages light in captivating manners.



Pray at the Mansa Devi Mandir-

The Mansa Devi Mandir may not be found right inside the city yet it is an ordinary journey spot for those of Hindu confidence. This sanctuary was raised for the goddess Mansa Devi and is a heavenly place of worship for her admirers. Regardless of whether you’re not an adherent of Hinduism, the spot allures with some great engineering and social legacy.


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