List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Ghaziabad

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  • Dec 23, 2021

List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad being an absolute cosmopolitan city is one of the hubs for industrialization as well. This city is one of the most commercially affluent parts of NCR. With lots of competition, the need of being in trend comes, hence it is home to a lot of shopping areas and has become a shopping spot for the people in and around the city.

The people in Ghaziabad don’t just go regular shopping instead they are much into shopping of special and unique items. The retail segment in the city has an amazing outreach into people’s lives with the various shopping malls, complexes and road side shops. Serving day to day requirements from clothes to household items, from antiques to artifacts, from food to furniture, Ghaziabad has it all at display.

1. Turab Nagar Market

Turab Nagar Market is the place to be if you are looking for jewelry, casual footwear, and traditional attire. The market is filled with shops on either sides and is usually visited by locals as well as foreigners. You can see the work of the local craftsmen and artisans. You can also find artwork depicting historical events and mythological characters. Traditional lehengas, sarees, and casual footwear are some of the most sought-after items present here. So, what are you waiting for? Walk into the Turab Nagar Market and take home these traditional items, souvenirs, and antiques.

2. Gandhi Nagar Market

Gandhi Nagar Market is one of the oldest and most famous markets in Ghaziabad. It is the second biggest textiles and readymade garments market in Asia. You can find the most number of shops here. You can find a plethora of items starting from jewelry, textiles, handicrafts and traditional garments. The garments and textiles which are sold here are made from fine silk, cotton, and natural fibers. This market has been home to many craftsmen and artisans for ages, and the skill has been passed from generation to generation. It is usually crowded with foreigners and locals who visit this place in search of textiles, garments, and handicrafts.

3. Ghanta Ghar Market

Ghanta Ghar Market is the oldest market and is known as the heart center of the city. The market is known for ladies’ fashion, cooking items and artificial jewelry. The market is sometimes compared to Chandni Chowk market. The market is enclosed between four gateways. The market is mostly meant for ladies only but you will find some shops selling men products. The locals come to the market to get most of the things from the market as every possible thing can be found here. The Ghanta Ghar market has products ranging from INR 50 and INR 15000 as per the customer requirements. During the festival season, the market is flooded with different types of gift items, especially during Diwali period. Apart from shopping for fashion and essentials, you can also enjoy the street food of the market.

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