Why Is Gaziabad Famous In India?


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  • Sep 30, 2020

Why Is Gaziabad Famous In India?

India is a country of great culture and interesting facts, Ghaziabad is one of the interested city of India. It has its special history, culture, and character, and is likewise called the “Passage of Uttar Pradesh”. When you plan to visit Ghaziabad, you must also visit the nearby prime city of Delhi. You will have plentiful attractions in Ghaziabad. With time, the city has advanced into one of the most unique Industrial urban areas in India.


Mohan Nagar-

Mohan Nagar is a famous industrial hub which is situated on the Grand Trunk Karnal Road and is 7 km (4.3 mi) away from Ghaziabad. Mohan Nagar is named after N.N. Mohan, as he set up it in 1958. It has different manufacturing plants, bottling works, and refineries. The town has a celebrated sanctuary named Mohan Nagar Temple. The temple is one of the quietest places in the zone. You can also visit shopping centers to enjoy and eat delicious food.


Laxmi Narayan Temple-

Laxmi Narayan Temple is situated in Modi Nagar and is very much kept up. The temple covers a major open space. The temple identify by numerous nurseries and was developed in red stone and that is the reason it is known as a red structure temple. The general engineering of this temple is delightful and no doubt it will give you harmony and calm. When you get a chance to explore religion, at that point  you should visit Laxmi Narayan Temple.



Dadri has arranged around 19 km (11.8 miles) from Ghaziabad. It is known for the world’s biggest power project and is overseen by the National Thermal Power Corporation. The coal fire thermal power plant produces 840 MW of electric force and 830 MW is created by the gas-terminated plant. There are two concrete delivering modern level manufacturing plants situated here.


Modi Nagar-

Modi Nagar is situated on the Delhi-Mussoorie National Highway. Modi Nagar is named after the Businessman, Gujar Mal Modi yet it is said that it was established by Nawab Zafar Ali. He built up a sugar production line here in 1933. It has developed as a business and modern town and has various plants which are occupied with creating sugar as well as materials, vegetable oil, paints, cleanser, and stains.


Iskcon Temple-

Like all other Iskcon sanctuaries in India, the Iskcon Temple situated in Ghaziabad pulls in loads of individuals to venerate Lord Krishna as the year progressed. The Krishna sanctuary is overseen by the Iskcon society. The sanctuary is flawlessly made and you will discover outrageous harmony here. During the celebration of Janmashtami, the whole spot illuminates with festivities and merriments. The nature of this sanctuary is clear and clean with something for everybody.


City Forest-

Move away from the crowds of the city and retreat to the quiet of nature at the City Forest. The name might be small befuddling for you, however, the spot is ensured to give you delight. This spot is an ideal objective for nature sweethearts. Shrouded in common magnificence, it’s ideal for you to go through a stunning day with your friends and family.



Dasna has situated around 10 km (6 mi) from Ghaziabad. The notable site was set up by the Rajput King, Salaris. The neighborhood individuals accept the story, of how the ruler showed up on the banks of the River Ganges to fix his sickness and began to look all starry eyed at the spot that you fall love with it.


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