Top 10 Tourist Places In East India


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  • May 26, 2020

Top 10 Tourist Places In East India

Because of the largest country of  South Asia, India definitely has a tremendous view of the glorious places. India’s varieties and diversities terrain lets you experience just about everything – from beautiful beach coastlines or you want magical summits of the Himalayan Mountains, everything looks beautiful in east India. It represent delicious cuisine, and awe-inspiring sights, India’s culture is something you need to experience at least once in your lifetime. Here 10 beautiful places to visit in east India.


Everyone aware of the name ‘Darjeeling’  you can also say the world-renowned “collection of teas” hails from this very town in East India.  For the tea-collection, there’s nothing like a freshly-brewed available in large quantity. Darjeeling houses also known as bigger tea plantations that offer a delicate and complex harvesting process to cultivate your favorite minty aromatic tea. Instead of this,  Darjeeling is also known for its diverse culture that’s made up of the Tibet, Nepali, and Bihari ethnic traditions. Also, you must visit Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, affectionately associated with “Toy Train”


Sundarbans National Park-

Sundarban” originated from the Bengali word and it is known as “beautiful forest”, a beautiful title for wetland reserve and tiger sanctuary located along the Ganges Delta in West Bengal. Sundarbans National Park is a glorious and tremendous  UNESCO World Heritage Site situated with wildlife, flora and fauna – perfect for nature lovers that make Sundarbans national park as an extraordinarily beautiful place. This national park consists of more than 400 Royal Bengal Tigers, India’s national icon, where visitors can view from the many watchtowers and village expeditions.



Nalanda Mahavihara, known as the longest-running Buddhist monastery in India’s history. The ancient grounds continuously giving beautiful glimpse from the 5th century, and now house an archaeological museum and memorial hall for tourists to learn about its historical importance, as well as to admire some of the great work during the monastery’s.


Kolkata City-

If you are planning a trip for Eastern India then you must visit the City of Joy Kolkata. Previously it is known as Calcutta, the cultural and economic capital is the second-largest city in India. Some of the popular visiting points of Kolkata consist of the grand Marble Palace, a prominent mansion with stunning 19th-century design, and the Victoria Memorial with the 25 galleries and during the period of British rule in the country. Second, the most beautiful place of  Kolkata is the Chowringhee Market, one of the most glorious areas in the city.


Tiger Hill-

Tiger Hill is one of the best places in Eastern India that discover the country’s magnificent beauty, the summit of the Darjeeling Himalayan regions. There you will be able to see the most panoramic view of the mountain ranges, and also see the peak of  Mount Everest and Mount Kanchenjunga on a clear day.



Bishnupur is a glorious and charming small town situated away in the Bankura District of West Bengal. If you study the history then you will see to the local Malla Kingdom’s reign during the Gupta period, the town is famous for its well-preserved terracotta temples that survived all along with the period of India’s colonialism. There are so many gorgeous temples to visit, but two of the most popular consist of  Madan Mohan Temple built by King Durjana Dev Singh in the late 17th century, and the beautiful Shyam Rai Temple that celebrates the brilliant vernacular Pancharatna style.


Chilika Lake-

Chilika Lake is one of the beautiful sights of Orissa that is Spread over 1100 square kilometers Asia’s largest salt-water lagoon, a popular tourist attraction for nature lovers. Because of its unique ecosystem with sandy ridges and highly brackish waters, Chilka Lake attracts all opportunities of migratory and aquatic birds to its every corner. It is the precious gift of nature, and an amazing location to do some bird-watching. You can also enjoy the view of dolphins and the rare Irrawaddy dolphins at the Satapada viewing point.



Konark Sun Temple is the UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is known as one of the most stunning and beautiful architectural masterpieces in the world. The large and glorious monument is a splendid sight to behold, with extraordinary structures and carved stone patterns designed to showcase the Central Indian aesthetics. And with the beautiful sight of Konark Temple, it is a mysterious legend, If we read about the history then it is assumed that the Sun Temple had a gravitating power that disrupted naval fleets follow to the region and drew vessels in Konark.



Orissa’s pilgrimage town is with the beautiful heritage site that is one of the hidden gems located along the east coast of India. Puri is a beautiful city that is steeped in traditional art and culture. If we talk about the beautiful sight of Puri then just take a walk around town and you’ll find locals selling art crafts, or artists sculpting sand art on the coastlines.



If you are planning to trip to eastern India then you must visit the beautiful city of Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha. Bhubaneshwar which fuses the rich history of the empire with the beautiful metropolis. Some popular attractions consist of Bindu Sarovara lake, Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, and the Odisha State Museum, but instead of this you can also attract with the hawker streets and be immersed in the simple local culture.


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