Why is Kanpur famous in India?


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  • Sep 29, 2020

Why is Kanpur famous in India?

Kanpur is situated on the banks of River Ganga, possesses extraordinary culture, historical, and religious sites. While this Industrious city has now increased a significant standard the Manchester of the East, in its sublime past it has assumed a significant part in the opportunity battle of India. You should visit and experience this present city’s superb mixture of its deep-rooted roots and current ways. Kanpur is popular for its leather products and leather industries, sanctuaries, and parks. Here we represent the 8 most popular places of Kanpur where you must visit-


The Allen Forest Zoo-

Allen zoological is over exceptionally old as it was created during the British standard by Sir Allen. Spread across 77 hectares (190 sections of land) inside the Allen Forest is the Allen Forest Zoo which is commonly known as the Kanpur Zoological Park. Since it is the biggest zoological park in North India, it houses a wide assortment of creatures, winged animals, and reptiles. From white Asiatic tigers, lions, cheetahs to emus, ostriches, butterflies, and snakes, you can discover all species here.


Z Square Mall-

Z Square Mall has something for everybody. It is situated in a region of two hectares (five sections of land) in the city’s ideal spot on Mall Road, this shopping center is a shelter for shopping, amusement, and feasting. On the off chance that you have some extra time, at that point, you can come here and time will simply take off. With so numerous well-known brands and eateries here, you will run low on the schedule yet never get exhausted.


Green Park Stadium-

If you love watching cricket then For cricket fans, Green Park Stadium is an absolute necessity visit spot in Kanpur. Situated near the River Ganga, this floodlit cricket arena is home to the UP cricket and it has facilitated incalculable public and global cricket matches.


JK temple-

Juggilal Kamlapat sanctuary is a 59-year-old Hindu sanctuary in the core of Kanpur. Developed by the JK Trust, this is a compositional miracle as it is an extraordinary mix of present-day and conventional design. It houses five holy places of various Hindu divine beings and goddesses including Lord Radha Krishna, Lord Lakshmi Narayan, Lord Ardhanarishwar, Lord Narmadeshwar, and Lord Hanuman.


Blue World Theme Park-

The most ideal approach to beat the warmth is to visit Blue World, Amusement Park. Situated on Mandhana-Bithoor Road, this amusement park resembles an outing spot for the whole family. It has dry rides, water rides, amusement parks, a melodic wellspring laser show, 9D theater, and a dinosaur estate. The exciting rides make certain to draw out the internal identity in you! From the state’s biggest water slides to the greatest downpour move stage, you have everything under one rooftop at the Blue World Theme Park.


Nana Rao Park-

This site held major chronicled importance in India’s pre-autonomy period. It was here that the Bibighar Massacre occurred during the Indian disobedience of 1857. The Nana Rao Park is situated close to the celebrated Phool Bagh. The recreation center is lavish green and decorated with sculptures of prominent Indian political dissidents.



In the event that you are keen on road trips, at that point you should design a road trip to Bithoor. Only a 40-minute drive from the focal point of Kanpur city lies this sublime town inside the Kanpur locale, which holds a significant spot in the Hindu journey. Its old-common appeal makes certain to entrance you. Enjoy by sitting near the Ghats or stroll around the town to see the different old structures and beautiful monuments.


Naveen Market-

If you love shopping then When visiting Kanpur, Naveen Market is one such customer’s heaven. It is an unmissable objective particularly in the event that you need to look for Leather, best clothes, scents, and gems. A large number of guests come here every day and its fame is just developing as time passes.


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