List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Kanpur

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  • Sep 3, 2021

List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Kanpur

Kanpur being an industrial city in Uttar Pradesh, promises cheap and affordable high quality goods. It is one of the most commercial cities in Northern India. There are a number of shopping lanes nestled in the heart of the city. Kanpur is known for its superior quality leather products that are unbelievably affordable and worth the spend at the same time.
In spite of all the development in Kanpur, local markets remain the most favourite place to shop in. These markets are often crowded with shoppers, and pedestrians looking for goods and often bargaining with vendors. Markets in Kanpur have their own charm and are a delight; as far as the local food is concerned, they offer the best street food in the entire city.

List of Popular Markets for Shopping in Kanpur-

p>Naveen Market

1. Naveen Market

Naveen Market is the biggest shopping location in Kanpur. This shopping locality is famous for its cotton goods and leather items. You will find the streets of this market always crowded with tourists and locals bargaining with the vendors for the best price. The leather bags and shoes come at a very cheap price here. You can opt for these items on various shops of this market. Heera Panna Showroom, Novelty Corner, Parvati Men’s Wear and Abhilasha Garments are few of the famous stores here. It is highly recommended to you to shop the best leather goods in Kanpur from here.

p>Mall Road

2. The Mall Road

The Mall Road is the place to go to shop for clothes in the city and like the rest of Kanpur, it also boasts of some really amazing leather shops. This place has more premium to high-end brands like Biba and The Body Shop and also most of the shopping malls in Kanpur are located on this road hence the name. The Mall is an upmarket shopping destination promising to give customers a comfortable shopping experience as well as the best of the traditional Kanpur city.

p>Sadar Bazaar

3. Sadar Bazaar

Sadar Bazaar is a shopping destination that will engage you with its rustic artifacts that would greatly appeal to your senses. This market has a colourful charm about it. Indulge in a shopping spree to gather numerous memories here. Look for the leather-based products like suitcases, purses, shoes and belts which sell like rapid fire here. The cheap prices of the items attract abundance of shoppers. These items will add more diversity and color to your wardrobe. Tourists can also shop for gifts to take back home for friends and family.

Sisamau Bazaar

Sisamau is one of the oldest marketplaces in Kanpur. The streets of this market remain buzzing with people. Multiple vendors try to sell their products on this busy street of Kanpur. It is the ideal place to shop for the all the household items. This shopping spree is most popular for its apparels, especially sarees. It is guaranteed that you will receive the best value for your money. The streets are crowded but if you are ready to fight on, you can get great offers on products and take them back home. Do look for the extremely famous sarees and shoes here.

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